• State-of-the-art technology allows unprecedented array efficiency, reliability and monitoring.
  • Each solar panel has a dedicated inverter mounted directly under the panel.  The inverters convert each panels output to grid-ready 240 volt power.
  • Providing each panel with a dedicated inverter allows the output of each panel to be fully optimized and monitored at every instant during the day.
  • With traditional centralized “string” inverters, the performance of all panels on a string are limited to the weakest link panel, which may have lower output due to manufacturing differences, dirt accumulation, or shading ad any time during the day.  Micro inverters overcome this weakness.
  • Each microinverter is an intelligent electronic device which can communicate with a web-based central system.  This allows auto detection of any problem with the wiring, grid, panel, or inverter.
    • Power output is continually tracked for every panel, instantly identifying any shading or electrical problems.
    • Emails to Rock Paper Sun as well as the home owner are generated if a problem is ever detected.
  • Use of microinverters allow for the expansion or upgrade of any number of panels at any time.
    • New panels do not need to be “compatible” with existing panels.
    • With central “string” inverters, entire strings need to be added at a time, system sizing may limit expansion.

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