Hot Water Usage Calculator

Enter the number of times per week each event occurs in your household.

long showers minutes liter/minute flow
short showers minutes liter/minute flow
running water minutes liter/minute flow
baths liters    
wash basin use liters    
kitchen sink used liters    
dishwasher loads liters    
loads of laundry liters    
other activity liters    
Weekly hot water usage:   liters
Average hot water usage:   liters/day

The above javascript tool can be used to help estimate your daily household hot water usage.


  • 1 US Gallon is approximately 4 liters.
  • Low-flow shower heads typically have flow rates marked on them. If your shower head does not have the flow rate marked you can likely use the default rate provided by the form.
  • Running water can be used to track hot water used while shaving, to rinse suds off of dishes, etc.

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