Solar Hot Water System sizing

  • The most significant factor in determining the appropriate size of solar hot water system for your needs is the average amount of hot water your household consumes per day.
  • Methods to determine the daily amount of Hot Water your household uses (from most accurate to least accurate)
    • 2. Have a hot water meter installed
    • 3. Use a Hot Water Usage Calculator tool
    • 4. Use your water bill to estimate usage
    • 5. Estimate 60 liters of hot water per day per person.
  • The following guidelines can be used to determine system sizing:
    • 1 Collector: 0 - 150 liters per day (1-3 person household)
    • 2 Collectors: 150 - 350 liters/day (3-6 person household)
    • 3 Collectors: 350 - 550 liters/day (6 or more people)
    • 4 Collectors: 550 - 800 liters/day water usage
    • Larger systems are available.
  • In addition to daily water usage the following will all contribute to the optimum system configuration for your household:
    • Amount of sunlight available to your collectors
    • Tilt and orientation of roof, or mounting location
    • Space available to mount collectors
    • Predicted change in hot water usage over short to medium term

Contact us for help determining your daily water usage or detailed savings analysis specific to your location.



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