Have a hot water meter installed

  • For customers who are committed to having a solar hot water system installed, we can install a water meter one week or more in advance of ordering the solar water system.  This allows the homeowner to know the exact weekly hot water usage and make purchase decisions based on that value as well as the site assessment provided by Rock Paper Sun.
  • Use of a hot water meter may also be of interest to home owners wishing to do cost/benefit analysis on instantaneous water heaters, alternate methods of heating their water, or hydronic heating systems.
  • In systems that do not already have a water heater shut-off valve installed, one will be added, as well the water meter is installed in the system using plumbing union joints which allows the meter to be replaced by either a straight pipe, or by the solar water heating systems set of bypass valves at a later date as needed.  The use of union joints allow the water meter to be swapped in or out of the system without the further need to cut, solder, or crimp the household plumbing.

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