While there is arguably never a bad time to install solar, there are a number of significant changes occurring, or about to occur, which will make 2013 the perfect year to install a solar electric (PV) system in Saskatchewan. 1) … Continue reading


Many of us are severely inconvenienced if our local power grid goes down for even a few hours, and may be in a serious crisis if the grid were to be out for a day or longer. In this blog … Continue reading

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Q: Can I benefit from a motor upgrade on my existing furnace?  If so, how much will it save me, and how much will it cost? A: Most likely yes. The retrofit motors are 40% to 85% more efficient than many existing furnace motors … Continue reading

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Q: What is the “fuel” efficiency of a modern electric car? A: A typical energy usage number for an electric car is 25 kWh per 100 km (40 kWh per 100 miles) traveled.  At today’s electricity and gas costs that … Continue reading


Question: “What is the optimal angle to install my solar panels at?” This is a common query we get as solar installers, and obviously is one we need to consider when installing solar panels for our clients. Answer: For most … Continue reading

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  In this post we are going to calculate the typical standing losses from both the solar storage tank, and from the conventional electric water heater tank on a solar water heating system, as well as provide some options for … Continue reading

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